Insulation Resistance Testing with Megger Test Equipment

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Megger test equipment is some of the best in the world when it comes to insulation resistance testing. In fact, their latest release of insulation testers promises to offer accuracy unparalleled in the industry. The two newest Megger rental models available here at Protec are the MIT515 and MIT1025.

The main difference between these two Megger meters is that the MIT515 offers 5 kilovolt testing and the MIT1025 provides testing at 10 kilovolts. What really sets the units apart from other testers is their light weight portability and compact size. These models weigh only 10 pounds and are 24 percent smaller than older insulation testing systems.

When it comes to storage of data, the 515 model does not have any memory while the 1025 offers onboard storage as well as cable interfacing for communication with a PC for storage and later analysis of test results. With over 100 years of insulation test experience, Megger combined their knowledge and expertise with client feedback in order to improve the ease of use and way in which these latest testers function. The following video provides Megger’s introduction to this new line along with a demonstration so you can see first-hand how it operates. When you’re ready to rent test equipment for your next project, be sure to give our product support specialists a call to learn more about our affordable short and long term programs.