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Inspecting Old Cable Installations for Insulation Problems

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Chaffed insulators with the presence of moisture can pose a serious risk to your electrical facility. This can eventually short out and damage nearby components or shock other personnel. It is important to do a thorough test on the insulation to protect your system from getting damaged.

Some of the common tools used in testing insulators is the insulation tester and an 
AC hipot. The insulation tester measures the resistance of the insulator. This allows the technician to determine if the insulator is still within its normal resistance range. Contaminants can lower its resistance and reduce its efficiency in preventing electricity to flow in parts where it shouldn’t. The AC high potential tester is the tool used in testing the over all effectiveness of the insulation. It is a withstand stress test that determines if the cable will be able to tolerate voltage deviations in the power line. Megger test equipment is the preferred choice by many in conducting insulation tests because of its accuracy and reliability. The models it offers also have features designed to meet the needs of engineers in testing insulators. 

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