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Innovative Test Equipment from Vanguard, Products You Can Rely On

Vanguard Instruments Company  was founded in 1991. From its inception, Vanguard’s vision was, and is to develop and manufacture innovative test equipment for use in testing substation EHV circuit breakers and other electrical apparatus.

The first Vanguard product was a computerized circuit breaker analyzer, which was a resounding success. It became the forerunner of an entire series of circuit breaker test equipment. Since its beginning, Vanguard’s product line has expanded to include microcomputer-based, precision micro-ohmmeters, single and three phase transformer winding turns ratio testers, transformer winding-resistance meters, mega-ohm resistance meters, and a variety of other electrical utility maintenance support products.

Vanguard’s performance-oriented products are well suited for the utility industry. They are rugged, reliable, accurate, user friendly, and most are computer controlled. Computer control, with innovative programming, provides many automated testing functions. Vanguard ’s instruments eliminate tedious and time-consuming operations, while providing fast, complex, test-result calculations. Errors are reduced and the need to memorize long sequences of procedural steps is eliminated.

Vanguard EZCT-2000A microprocessor-based Current Transformer Test Set  Vanguard EZCT-2000A 

The Vanguard EZCT-2000A microprocessor-based Current Transformer Test Set can perform the Current Transformer (CT) excitation test, measure the CT winding resistance and CT current-ratio automatically.





Auto-Ohm 100A Automatic DLRO Vanguard Auto-Ohm 100A Automatic DLRO

The Vanguard Auto-Ohm 100A Automatic DLRO is a third generation micro-ohmmeter that features microprocessor-controlled measuring of very low resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 300 milli-ohms with high accuracy.




Vanguard is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done.