Infrared Cameras Help To Detect Hot Spots Not Normally Detected by Common Tools

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Infrared cameras are essential tools in industrial facilities with large electrical equipment. This lets you visualize hot components or hot spots before getting near to run a diagnostic test. This not only prevents accidents from happening, it also helps detect overheating components in an electrical system.

A motor may look fine externally during its operation. However, there are times that a motor forms a partial short which causes localized heating. If left neglected, it can cause serious damage to your electrical system. Infrared cameras can help you spot these defects and address them immediately. It can show the temperature of the part through a color scale where each color corresponds to a certain temperature. This gives you and idea if a certain part is operating safely withing its rating.
Fluke power measuring instruments has several infrared camera models with features that enhances diagnostics. One model is the Ti55 that features a real time and infrared image superimposition. This let you easily visualize the component in real world color and a certain part in infrared image.

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