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In the Most Critical Maintenance Areas Rely on Megger

When it comes to providing testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas such as cable fault locating, protective relay testing, and power quality testing, you can rely on Megger products.



Megger 210415 15kV Analog Megohmeter

An analog meter that measures insulation resistance to help reduce shock hazards and downtime on electrical systems that include wires, cables, transformers, and electrical motors.



Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Set

Used to test and trend the state-of-health of either lead-acid or NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah.



Megger_DET4TCR2Megger DET4TCR2 Ground Resistance Test Kit

Rechargeable battery powered 4-terminal tester with selectable test frequencies, greater measurement sensitivity and attached rod technique and stakeless measurement capability.


Megger_MIT525Megger MIT525 5-kV Insulation Resistance Tester

Compact, light 5 kV insulation resistance tester for the diagnostic testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. 


Megger-ODEN-ATMegger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System

Designed for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers.



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