In-Depth Power Line Waveform Distortion Analysis with the Dranetz PX5

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If you are planning on investing in a good power quality analyzer, you might be interested in the PowerXplorer 5 from Dranetz. What separates this tester from other analyzers on the market is its wide measuring bandwidth for harmonics. Most offer a measurement range of up to the mid 40th harmonic. This model offers measurements of up to the 63rd harmonic. This means better power quality analysis and better power distortion compensation.

The Dranetz PX5 offers a plethora of features which can help make power analysis more comprehensive and easy. This analyzer can measure power flicker as per IEC 1000-4-15 standards. This electrical value which was deemed “a problem of perception” by many professionals can now be easily quantified and analyzed with the PX5. Other values that can be measured by the PX5 are crest factor or peak-to-RMS-ratio, transformer derating factor, K factor and telephone interference factor. You can use an expansion memory card of up to 128 Mb for added data storage.

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