Improve Power Quality to Reduce EMI

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Electronic equipment like computers or televisions are very sensitive to EMI. This can cause unreliable operation of equipment. Poor power quality is one of the most common causes of EMI. The harmonics generated in the power line sometimes resonate to a frequency susceptible to electronic equipment.

Most people ignore the bad effects of poor power quality. Many think that the interference will go a way after a while. Poor power quality can cause other problems aside from EMI. It can cause power losses and damage to equipment. You should let your maintenance personnel check your power line for distortion and correct it with proper compensation. 
Power quality analyzers are the tools used in visualizing the amount of distortion in the power line. The data gathered is used in correcting the distortion in the power line. Doble and Hioki power quality analyzers are the top choices when it comes to reliable analyzers. These brands have several models that offer portability and features to enhance diagnostics. This lets you simplify and make testing quick.

Reduce EMI by correcting the power distortion in the power line. If you need test equipment, consider getting it from Protec. Rent equipment from major brands at affordable rental fees.Contact us and talk to our experts about the equipment we offer for rent.