Improve Power Line Condition and Increase Efficiency with the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer

Power quality analyzers have become important tools when it comes to improving a power line’s condition and increasing efficiency. It’s important to keep power loss on electrical devices at a minimum to save money on operation costs, and to extend the life of connected electrical equipment.

Dranetz PX5 Power Quality AnalyzerOne of the most widely used power quality analyzers is the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer. A 3-phase power quality analyzer with eight channels for voltage and current analysis, the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer gives you detailed information of root mean square variations, transients THD and TIM in the power line. Along with the ability to capture IEEE 1459 parameters for advanced and non-sinusoidal electrical systems, the Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer also has high speed sampling at 256 samples per cycle with independent voltage, current or cross triggering.  The Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer is also portable and can be powered by AC or batteries.

The Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer is a reliable tool for engineers that help minimize fluctuations and harmonics in a power line.

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