Importance of Power Quality Analyzers in Electrical Conditioning

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Harmonics present in a power line can cause serious problems to other electrical devices connected to the electrical system. Power quality analyzers help determine the amount of compensation needed to suppress harmonics and correct the voltage variations like overvoltage, undervoltage, spikes and impulses.

Due to the increase of non-linear loads connected to power systems, these devices draw non-sinusoidal current. This causes the voltage to distort and generate harmonics multiples of the fundamental power line frequency. This interferes with other electrical devices and may cause damage. Transformers can generate excessive heat due to resonance of the transformer’s inductance and capacitance. Harmonics can also cause excessive eddy-currents to flow. Electromagnetic interference can also be generated which can affect nearby electronic equipment and cause it to malfunction. Regular testing of power quality is important to properly condition the line. A power quality analyzer is an indispensable tool for measuring the amount of harmonics and other voltage variations in the electrical system.

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