Importance of Battery Tests – Using Megger Test Equipment

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Batteries power electrical devices, transforming latent chemical energy into usable electrical energy.Megger test equipment checks battery health and alerts users when it’s time to replace a non functional battery or cell. Since the proper functioning of a cell is vital for electrical equipment durability, users must utilize the best equipment test tools to have the right knowledge about the battery.  A battery is generally tested for several mechanical, chemical, and casing faults. Some of the common tests check insulation, electrolytic pressure, and charge leakage.

With a Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter, battery resistance can be calculated quickly. The ohmmeter sends current periodically to battery terminals and checks for breaks in resistance. On an average, 10 to 200 amperes of DC is transferred to the battery. It gives fairly accurate resistance readings, eliminating faults due to magnetic charge leakage.

We provide several types of electrical test equipment rental services which help users maintain electrical devices and tools for long term performance satisfaction. Both chargeable and rechargeable batteries ideally need to be environment-safe and low maintenance. Whether it’s a car battery, laptop cell or a power supply tool, every battery, from the basic zinc-carbon to sophisticate Lithium ion, need proper testing from time to time.