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Identify Partial Discharge with the EA Technology CableData Collector

EA Technology CableData CollectorNow available for rent from Protec Equipment Resources, the EA Technology CableData Collector identifies and reports Partial Discharge (PD) activity in live Medium and High Voltage (MV/HV) cable networks, allowing for early identification, and reducing the need for disruptive maintenance outages by uncovering high risk areas in time for repairs and replacements. 

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EA Technology CableData Collector benefits:

  • Cost effective collection of accurate PD data without the deployment of specialist engineers
  • Collection of PD information from live MV/HV voltage cables eliminates the risk of expensive off-line testing
  • Quick assessment of a large number of cables to build up a total view of the condition of a distribution cable network
  • Prevents unplanned outages by identifying cable defects before they fail
  • Lightweight, portable and ready-to-use
  • Quickly highlights cables that require more detailed analysis techniques

EA Technology CableData Collector features:

  • Detects and measures PD activity in single and 3 phase cables
  • Works with all insulated cable types
  • Expert cable condition analysis and reporting service
  • Training available for analysis software purchasers
  • Small, robust, portable and easy to use

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