Ideal for Industrial Applications, the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set

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With the abuse relays take during normal operation, it is important to always check their condition. Regular inspection allows for early detection of problems. A complete and rugged tester ideal for industrial applications is the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set.

Omicron_CMC_356-1The Omicron CMC 356 is the universal solution for testing all generations and types of protection relays. The Omicron CMC 356 offers powerful six current sources (three-phase mode: up to 64 A / 860 VA per channel) with a great dynamic range, making the unit capable of testing even high-burden electromechanical relays with very high power demands.

The Omicron CMC 356  is the first choice for applications requiring the highest versatility, amplitude and power, and has the ability to perform wiring and plausibility checks of current transformers, by using primary injection of high currents. 

Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set features:

  • Very powerful current sources for testing high-burden electromechanical relays
  • High current amplitudes for 5 A relay testing
  • High accuracy and versatility for testing static and numerical relays of all types
  • Integrated network for testing IEC 61850 IEDs
  • Continuous synchronized outputs with CMIRIG-B (e.g. for PMU or MU testing)
  • Primary injection capabilities for commissioning tasks
  • Test Universe software with unrivaled manual and automated testing functionality

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