HVA30, The Versatile 2-in-1 Tester

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Most electrical test equipment for industrial use is bulky and heavy. It would be nice to have tools that have multiple functions to save you space and money. One of the versatile tools on the market you might want check out is the HVA 30 from HV Diagnostics

This tester combines a DC and a VLF high potential test in one unit. This design allows testing of new cables that are to be commissioned and cables that are already in operation. This tester can also be used for other applications where insulation reliability testing is needed.

The HVA30 has test voltage output of 30 kiloVolts DC or 0.1 Hertz AC. You also have the option for automatic and manual testing depending on what test you need to conduct. Its output current is stable even with test loads that have high capacitance up to 5 microFarads. It has a compact one-piece design making it suitable for field testing. The test results can be stored in its internal memory storage or transferred to a computer through USB or RS232 for further analysis.

If you are interested in the HVA30, you can rent one from Protec Equipment Resources. You can reach us at 1 866 352 5550 for additional details.