HV Diagnostics Test Equipment for Rent from Protec

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If you are looking for test equipment to carry out tests on cables, consider HV Diagnostics. This company has been in business for several years and specializes in electrical diagnostics. They offer various testers for testing insulation of cables that are in service or about to be commissioned. Here are some of the popular test equipment they offer.

TD30 Tan Delta Bridge

This test module lets you measure for the Loss Angle in cable insulation. Loss Angle or the Dissipation Factor determines the quality of the insulation. This Tan Delta Bridge is rated at 30 kiloVolts. It has a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for field use. It has a solid-state design and can be powered by batteries. It also allows you to view test values in real time using the bundled software.

HVA30 30kV VLF and DC hipot

This tester is used in conjunction with the TD30. This tester supplies the test current during diagnostics and the TD30 measures the Loss Angle. This hipot can put out a test voltage of up to 30 kiloVolts, allowing it to test low and medium voltage cables.

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