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Hukseflux I-V400 Performance Analyzer Available for Rent from Protec

Hukseflux-HKIV400-1.jpgThe Hukseflux I-V400 Peak Performance Analyzer is intended for single module IV curve trace analysis, including additional single module and string system performance parameters up to 1000V / 10A.  Measurement data acquired by the I-V400 is processed and correlated to the reference test conditions (STC), allowing for direct comparison against the module manufacturer’s published performance specifications. The comparison between I-V400 processed and manufacture stated performance data makes in-situ lab or field module/string pass or failure detection quick and easy.  

The I-V 400 contains an onboard database of the most common photovoltaic manufacturer module models. The database can be updated by the user at anytime through the included I-V400 management software, or directly via the instrument.

Main Features of the Hukseflux I-V400 Peak Performance Analyzer:

  • PV module/string output voltage to 1000VDC
  • PV module/string output current to 10 amps DC cell temperature via external PT1000 probe
  • Solar radiation [W/m2] via reference cell
  • PV module/string nominal DC and output power
  • Serial resistance Rs of the panels
  • Numeric and graphical display of IV curves
  • 4-wire measurement method
  • Comparison to STC conditions (1000W/m2, 25°C)
  • OK/NO display result of tests
  • Customizable database up to 30 PV module models
  • Internal memory for data archiving
  • Optical/USB Interface for PC connection
  • Help icon button

Rent the Hukseflux I-V400 Peak Performance Analyzer from Protec, the electrical test and measurement equipment rental experts.

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