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How to Upgrade Dranetz PX5

dranetz-px5You might have your own Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer, or you might have electrical test equipment rental– upgrading the unit is an easy process and it offers many benefits. Here are some steps that you can follow:

1.  Download the new firmware (it will be available in zip format) to any folder on your hard drive.

2.  Now unzip the file and extract the right hostcode.bin file into a flash card. This file would be about 1.3- 3 MB, depending upon the version.

3.  Insert the flash card in your device and format it.

  1. 4.  After formatting it, eject the CF card from the device and install the reader/writer that is connected to the computer.
  3. 5.  Now copy the firmware hostcode.bin to CF card.
  5. 6.  When the data is copied, eject the CF card from the reader/writer and install SLOT1 of the device (SLOT1 is the upper slot). Data cards need to be inserted in SLOT1 for saving and monitoring information.
  7. 7.  Turn the electrical test equipment off and then wait for a couple of seconds. Now turn it on again.
  9. 8.  The device will sense the new firmware and display a message that it has detected a new version. Press yes.
  11. 9.  The firmware will start installing. Don’t touch the device until you see the message of installation complete.
  13. 10. Now the device will reboot under new firmware
  15. Once the new firmware is installed, any data card that is in the device should be formatted.

Just 10 simple steps and you can rest assured that you have an upgraded and a better running firmware.

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