How to Prolong the Operating Life of Megger Test Equipment

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Test equipment from Megger is widely used by engineers because of its accuracy and durability. Megger offers several test equipment for different applications. With several years of expertise, you’ll be confident that the instruments you use are reliable.

You should practice safety precautions when using Megger test equipment to prevent it from getting damaged and the risk of you getting hurt. These is to ensure also that your test results are accurate and prevent wasting time because of repeat procedures. Below are some tips to consider before starting a test.

  •        Ensure proper termination and grounding to avoid flash overs and inaccurate results.
  •        Always inspect your tools for damage. Using damaged equipment can harm you and further damage your equipment.
  •        Calibrate your tools regularly to ensure accuracy. This is also to prevent false results from causing electrical hazards.
  •        Ensure adequate lighting to prevent accidents from happening. Poorly lit environments can cause you to trip wires or other equipment

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