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How to Decide On What Power Factor Test Set To Invest In

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Megger offers many types of insulation test equipment that you can choose from. Each has its own unique features to suit your diagnostic needs. If you are planning to buy tools for insulation testing, consider reading these articles to give you an idea on what to choose. These articles will help you determine the best tool to meet your needs. 

The Megger CB-100 Offers Low Voltage Power Factor and Capacitance Measurements – talks about the features of the CB-100 and its ability to also measure capacitance. It also describes how it rejects interference from the 60 Hertz power line which might affect the results.

Megger Delta 2000 Power Factor Test – explains the features and advantages of the Delta 2000 compared to other models.

The Interference Resistant Doble M4000 Power Factor Test Set – discusses the ability of the M400o to suppress electrical noise that might affect the diagnostic results.

If you need more information on what model to choose, consider trying them out by renting. This lets you compare the features based on experience and not on technical specifications only. Protec Equipment Resources can provide you with the equipment you need. Contact us today and ask one of our representatives a rental quote.