How to Choose a VLF Hipot Tester

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When looking for a hipot tester, brand name equipment can often be much more reliable, and since these companies have typically been around longer, companies have enough experience with them to know that their equipment can be trusted to perform optimally. 

Electrical testing equipment such as the 
VLF hipot tester does not come cheaply so you will want to make sure you are getting a quality item to last for many years to come. A well known brand manufacturer is typically easier to repair in the future should the need arise because many models are in the marketplace. Often, the odd model or lesser known manufacturer can cause the most problems for business owners. For off brands or limited model release units, literature as well as parts are often difficult to come by. So, too, can problems occur when it is time to have the unit calibrated. Procedures for calibration may not be available making the unit difficult to keep in proper working order. 

The VLF hipot equipment comes in different capacities. A typical machine will be able to test two thousand feet of cable at 15 kilo volts; however, your HV Diagnostics equipment requirements may be greater. The HVA30 model can test up to 30 thousand volts, and many times, deciding on exactly what voltage you need is often best done in the field. 

Renting test equipment can be more cost effective to your business as you will not need to worry about equipment maintenance, calibration, logistics or delivery to the job site. We handle the entire process for you. We can also help you find the testing and maintenance equipment that fits your project requirements. Give us a call for assistance at 866-352-5550.