How to Choose a Good Power Quality Analyzer for Your Electrical System

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An electrical system can be plagued by high levels of distortion if there are several non-linear loads connected to the circuit. To make non-linear loads appear as resistive loads, compensation LC banks are used. This helps reduce the bad effects of distortion and helps efficient utilization of power.

If you do not have equipment to diagnose power quality problems, it is important to invest in one because it can save you a lot of money on repairs. An electrical system with poor power quality can cause equipment to consume more power than needed and these losses result in high electric expenses. To help analyze a power line for distortion, 
power quality analyzers are used. This tool enables the engineer to determine the amount and what type of distortion is present on the power line. If you are planning to get one, be sure to get from a trusted brand like Fluke diagnostic tools, Dranetz equipment and Hioki power measuring instruments. These brands are trusted by many because of their reliable and accurate test equipment.

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