How Power Quality Analyzers Help Increase the Electrical Line’s Efficiency

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Poor power quality is a major problem in an electrical system. This can cause erratic operation of equipment, localized overheating, interference and an increase in power consumption. If neglected, this can cause unexpected failures and expenses. 

Harmonics are generated when the electrical power line waveform is distorted. It is not possible to cut out the source of distortion and harmonics as these devices are common appliances found at home. Computers, power converters, switched-mode power supplies and ballasts are some of the sources of electrical distortion. Harmonics and voltage spikes can propagate in the electrical system and may affect nearby facilities. That is why it is important that the electrical system is well compensated to minimize power line distortion.

Power quality analyzers are tools that help sort out the harmonics, transients and other voltage variations in the power line. Analyzers help engineers determine the optimum compensation needed in the electrical line. 

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