How Power Quality Analyzers Help in Conditioning Power Lines

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Harmonics generated by non-linear loads can affect every electrical device in the electrical system. Harmonics can cause electrical, dielectric and mechanical stress to electrical devices. If neglected, it can eventually damage other equipment. Power quality analyzers help engineers determine the amount of harmonics, sags and swells in the power line to properly condition it.

Harmonics can cause a lot of trouble in electrical systems. They can cause overheating and stress on electrical devices due to its high frequency. A severely distorted power line with a lot of harmonics can make other equipment resonate and cause unwanted interactions with one another.

One of the most popular ways to condition a line with a lot of harmonics is by using a network of inductors and capacitors called a passive harmonic filter. The inductors and capacitors are tuned to the harmonics to block or absorb them. By knowing the frequency and amount of harmonics, the inductors and capacitors can be precisely tuned. Power quality analyzers helps measure the amount of harmonics in the line.

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