How Power Quality Analyzers Help Correct Poor Power Quality

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Power lines need sufficient compensation to reduce the amount of spikes, over and under voltages and impulses from interfering with equipment operation. To be able to do that, it is important for electricians to use power quality analyzers to detect any fluctuations or harmonics present in the power line. This lets you prevent serious damage to electrical devices attached to the power system.

There are other things that can occur when non-sinusoidal current is present in the power line. Not only are harmonics bad for these electrical devices, but it also makes equipment draw more power from the system which can increase you electric bills. Motors are one of the most affected device due to poor power quality. It can cause it not to work properly and generate too much heat which can destroy eventually destroy it. Another reason why professionals are very particular about harmonics is because it can cause electromagnetic interference to sensitive equipment like mobile phones, televisions and hospital equipment.

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