How Battery Testing Equipment Works

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Battery testing equipment is used to determine the current state of a battery. A degrading battery will increase its internal resistance and also its AC impedance. Measuring these electrical properties can help determine if the battery is still within its normal operating range.

Measuring the internal resistance of a battery alone doesn’t give enough information if it is still in good working condition or needs to be replaced. A better test you can do is to measure its AC impedance or reactance to alternating current. A battery impedance test set works by injecting an AC signal through the battery, measuring the voltage and current drops in each cell then measuring its impedance. An aging or degrading cell has a high impedance reading due to the changes in composition of the materials. This test is more convenient unlike load cycle testing. With load cycle testing, you need to discharge the battery several times which can take a while and can put unnecessary stress on the battery, shortening its operating life.

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