Hipot Testing with HV Diagnostics

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When testing high voltage equipment many test systems use DC hipot testing, which is simply too high for accurately diagnosing cable issues. The HVA30 tester by HV Diagnostics offers users a very low frequency option so that testing may be performed on medium voltage cabling as well as transformers, rotators and other electrical equipment.

VLF hipot tester offers advanced features in a compact design that make it perfect for carry in the field or use in the lab. The automated sequencing provides all that is necessary for users to correctly test apparatus without the need to remember test parameters or overstress cables. Manual operation is also available so that techs may test sequences as needed. With its built in data storage, sine wave output and accurate metering, users may perform resistance testing for capacitance and insulation in an easy to use system designed specifically to be user friendly.

The ability to download data into a PC for later analysis also adds to the versatility offered by the HVA-30. HV Diagnostics also offers an optional portable Tan Delta Bridge, TD30, for use with this VLF system. The add-on kit offers Bluetooth support so that data may be transferred wirelessly, and battery power lasts for up to 10 hours between charging.

Both the HVA 30 and TD-30 are available for short or long term rental, and you may order both of these units for same day shipping via our online catalog or by calling our support specialist at (866) 352-5550.