Hipot Testing Insulators to Ensure Safety

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Hipot testers are high voltage equipment used to determine if an insulator is capable of withstanding overloaded conditions. This is to ensure the safety of the electrical component during operation.

Due to normal weathering, the insulation of electrical components can chip off or completely open. This can cause dangerous current to flow and might harm personnel. It is vital to test cables regularly to ensure safe and continuous operation. High potential testing is commonly conducted on cables, bushings, transformers and motors. It applies a very high voltage into the conductor and let it stand for a few minutes. This way, the user will determine if the component tested will last with that kind of operating condition. VLF hipot is the preferred method of testing because it needs less power to carry out the test. Due to its reactance to capacitive components, it only needs six times lesser power compared to normal 50/60 Hetz AC hipot testing. This allows smaller equipment and a lesser dangerous test voltages.

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