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Hipot Testing, A Simple Diagnostic Test for Insulators

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Hipot test is a simple way of determining the reliability of insulators in LV and MV electrical systems. It stresses the components to ensure that it can operate within and slightly above its rating. This allows HVAC technicians to recondition the parts before they get out of hand.

There are several high potential tests you can conduct to verify insulation integrity. However, many technicians nowadays prefer a VLF or Very Low Frequency Hipot. This test is similar to the 
AC Hipottest but uses a low AC frequency. It takes advantage of the fact that cables especially long ones have a small amount of capacitance. The very low frequency has a high reactance to this capacitance, thus requiring less power to conduct the test. This means smaller electrical test equipment and test voltages that are less dangerous. It reduces the danger of testing insulators like flash overs or too much ozone generation due to corona discharges.

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