Hioki Power HiTester 3169

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Among the many fine power quality analyzers you find among the Protec test equipment rental inventory is the Hioki Power HiTester 3169. Offering a new approach to energy-related measurement, this light, compact power quality analyzer can measure four circuits (single-phase, 2-wire), two circuits (3-phase, 3-wire) or one circuit (3-phase, 4-wire). The Hioki Power HiTester 3169 can measure voltage, current, integrated power, power factor and frequency. When using the 3-phase, 3-wire mode, the unit displays voltage and current for all three lines by measuring just two of them. This power quality analyzer supports seven types of clamp-on current sensors to measure 500-5,000 AC – anything from CT terminals to thick power lines.

The Hioki Power HiTester 3169 includes PC card data storage, power recording for individual waveforms and simultaneous recording of demand values and harmonics. It also supports nine languages, including English and Japanese.