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High Voltage VLF Hipot 6022CM

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When portable VLF hipot testing is needed, the High Voltage 6022CM model allows for economical testing for both utilities and industry. 

With AC field testing of cables and other electrical instruments instead of DC hipot testing, this high voltage test equipment unit operates at frequencies of .1 Hz and lower on a high capacitance AC load. Less power is needed for generator or cable testing with the 6022CM series. In fact, at 50 HZ, there is 600 times less required power and 500 times at 60 HZ when compared to regular DC tests.

Determining whether the load can hold the testing voltage is the easiest and safest method to find cable and generator defects. DC testing has proven to be more harmful to cables by causing faults while VLF allows detection of defects without harming insulation because of the lower voltages and in faster times because of the quick burn rates.

This High Voltage series offers compact size with light weight making its portability quite useful for field work. VLF AC hipot doesn’t create harmful insulation voids during dielectric testing. It also only requires input lines of 120 Vac/60 Hz or 230 Vac with 50-60 Hz.

Protec offers several models of High Voltage test equipment for hipot and dielectric testing. Call orsubmit your inquiry online to receive a rental quote on the model you need or for more detailed information about our various test equipment models.