High Voltage Test with HV Diagnostics

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Without a doubt high voltage cables are important for the distribution of electricity. There are more underground and overhead power cables installed in densely populated cities than ever before. 

The imperfection of insulation and protracted partial discharge can erode solid insulation especially in electric engineering fields. This dielectric insulation or treeing, as it is called, can also cause the breakdown of bushings, transformers and other high voltage and medium voltage cables as well.

A simple way to evaluate or estimate the dielectric condition is using a Tangent Delta measurement. This measurement, also called a dissipation factor measurement, will detect treeing in the cable’s insulation. Using HV Diagnostics TD30 Tan Delta Bridge you will get the diagnostic measurement results you need.

The HVA30 DC and VLF hipot tester is used together with the TD30 Tan Delta Test for this high voltage diagnostic cable test. The TD Control Center on the TD30 gives you the most comprehensive and accurate measurements during a tan delta test cycle. Setting up is fast without any complicated wiring. 

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