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High Voltage Test Equipment from Fluke

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Fluke is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable test equipment and electrical diagnostic tools. They deliver diagnostic capabilities that are essential to keep electrical equipment operating safely. Fluke has established themselves as a worldwide leader when it comes to various testing equipment and other electrical measuring technology. They were awarded the Association of Washington Business’s Manufacturing Excellence Award for Innovation at the Association’s yearly policy summit. 

Fluke offers a line of diagnostic equipment to suit your needs. All manufactured equipment undergoes strict quality control to make sure they are fully operational when distributed. They offer several products like 
fluke power quality analyzers, DTX analyzers, fiber optic meters, AC/DC current clamps, high voltage probes, high current probes and other high voltage test equipment. They are reliable, built to last long and conform to electrical standards and safety. This is the reason many engineers, electricians and technicians trust Fluke test equipment for quality control and preventive maintenance.

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