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High Voltage TDR1669 Time Domain Reflectometer for Rent

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A TDR is a test device where a test signal is sent through the cable and if it encounters a fault like a break or weakened spot, the test signal will be reflected back to the tester. Good cables have a uniform impedance and any fault will cause an irregularity in the impedance. The time the echo was received is calculated to locate how far the fault in the cable is.

The High Voltage TDR1669 is a time domain reflectometer that is designed to be used with most popular thumpers or impulse generators and arc reflection systems. It can detect faults as far as 48000 feet which makes it ideal for testing long cables. It has a system that holds the waveform created when an impulse causes an irregularity to arc to the ground. It has a built-in memory where you can store 15 test traces and recall them at a later time. It also has a large 10.5 inch LCD screen divided into two which displays the waveforms, references and the memory. 

The High Voltage TDR1699 can be rented from Protec. We also offer VLF hipot testers, oil dielectric test sets and other high voltage test equipment. Call us for more details on test equipment rentaldeals.