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High Voltage Power Testing with Doble M4100

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If you are evaluating high voltage power apparatuses, then the Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzerwill accurately provide the testing results and diagnostics you need for vital information to keep operations running smoothly and problem free. The Doble engineers designed the M4100 to perform specific diagnostic tests to measure variables important to successful working performance.

The Doble power fact test ensures the integrity and quality of insulation while testing of capacitance allows for tracking of any variances, inconsistencies or physical changes to the equipment. Any shorts or damage caused by excessive winding temperature that can create insulation failure is subjected to turns ratio testing. Deformities in that same winding are further evaluated by impedance testing of short circuits and leakage reactance. The transformer’s circuit magnetism is tested with single phase excitation current diagnostic assessment.

The benefits of using the Doble insulation analyzer is that it offers a current with high charging capability so that tests can be run at a higher voltage thus increasing turn to turn stress points. For more current power for larger applications, extension can be made with a Type C resonator for longer ranges.

Electrostatic interference is not an issue with this model due to its patented line frequency modulation technology. For testing this rugged testing equipment before you buy, Protec offers this diagnostic asset as well as the Doble M4000 for rental so that you can experience its results firsthand before purchasing.