High Voltage DC Hipot Testing

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Performing the DC hipot test involves using a withstand test or current measurement leakage reading. As with all high potential or hipot testing, the results are pass or fail so that techs know whether a cable is defective and should be replaced. 

The difference between DC hipot and AC hipot testing as performed with a Megger test unit is that DC high potential tests are conducted at higher voltage levels. This high current puts a lot of stress on cabling so that DC hipot testing is usually only applied to medium voltage cabling that is shielded.

The High Voltage PTS-80 DC hipot combines the correct amount of high voltage from a DC hipot with a megohmmeter to perform both leakage current and insulation resistance testing all in one self-contained unit. It also allows for dielectric strength testing in a rugged unit that is portable for carrying in the field. 

Another option for hipot testing is the HV Diagnostics HVA30, which measures both DC and VLF hipot testing. This unit also offers portability in an ergonomic design with easy to read interface. Its memory allows for integration with a computer or laptop for test result storage.  

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