High Standards of Reliability with the Megger Meter

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Electrical equipment’s insulation works to ensure that electricity does not flow where it isn’t supposed to go. Without proper insulation, the potential for sparks or arcing could cause serious injury to workers or damage to nearby equipment. The ability of insulators to operate in rough conditions is paramount to equipment function. When this material begins to fail or lose resistance ability, dangerous conditions can result. Proper inspection and diagnostic testing is required on a regular schedule to prevent this from happening and to extend the life and operation of equipment.

For insulation testing that won’t destroy cables, winding or other electrical equipment, the Megger meter provides optimal results that are highly accurate and reliable. When testing insulation the current voltage flowing to the device is measured to determine if is it faulty or in some way defective. Good insulation resists high voltage current.

Megger test equipment greatly assists techs with measuring insulation safely and effectively. Protec offers several models of insulation resistance testers and megohmmeters to choose from. Simply contact our support specialists on our 24 hour support line or visit our website to submit a rental quote request to learn more about our test equipment rental program.