High-Speed Data Capture and Sampling of Power Events with the Dranetz PX5 Analyzer

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Power disturbances are the common causes of premature deterioration and erratic operation of equipment. These power disturbances are generated by non-linear loads connected to the electrical system. The disturbances reduce the power quality in the electrical facility and may lead to excessive power losses and eventual failure. 

Power quality analyzers help technicians in measuring and analyzing the electrical events that are causing poor power quality in the electrical system.These devices have fast-response inputs for capturing various power events. By measuring the power events, technicians can calculate for the optimum compensation needed to correct the problem.

The Dranetz PX5 is an analyzer that offers advanced capturing features. Its high-speed sampling ensures that waveforms are highly accurate and reliable. Other features of the PX5 include:

  •        8-channel inputs
  •        1 microsecond data capture per channel
  •        Adjustable operating modes
  •        Can capture low, medium and high frequency transients
  •        Can characterize unbalance and non-sinusoidal electrical systems
  •        Selectable recording options 
  •        PC connectivity through USB, RS232 and LAN
  •        DRAN-VIEW software allows further analysis of results and report generation
  •        IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliant
  •        Measures Demand, W, VAR, DPF, VA, TPF, Energy etc.

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