High-Speed Capture and Sampling of Power Quality Events with the Dranetz PX5 Analyzer

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Poor power quality can cause a lot of problems in an electrical system. It causes excessive power loss, erratic operation of machinery, locking up of computers and premature failure of electrical components. You should consider assessing power quality of your electrical system regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent problems in the future.

The Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyzer is a good addition to your maintenance equipment. This 3-phase analyzer allows you to accurately measure power quality events and harmonics up to the 49th. It also features a high sampling rate for good resolution and accuracy of captured events.

PX5 Features

  •        8-channel inputs at 256 samples/cycle
  •        Fast data capture response at 1 microsecond per channel
  •        Can be powered though batteries of AC mains
  •        Internal memory that can be expanded to 128 MB
  •        Easy to use front panel colored touch screen
  •        Included accessories:

o   8 alligator clips

o   8 voltage leads

o   USB cable and card reader

o   Memory card

o   Carrying case and lead bag

o   Boot

o   Manual

o   DV6 Software and Trendnet USB

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