High Quality Electrical Test Equipment By Megger

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Periodic testing of electrical devices like transformers, relays, cables etc. is vital for the reliable operation of any electrical system. Megger manufactures different types of testers to take care of diverse electrical testing needs. The wide array of electrical test equipment by Megger is employed by large-scale industrial operations and electric utilities.

Battery impedance testers enhance the life of your batteries to a great extent and are in great demand all around the world. Cable height meters ensure that the height of the overhead cable is in accordance with the federal safety standards. Megger meter employs the latest cutting edge technology to provide accurate results in a timely manner. Ground resistance testers measure resistivity and earth electrodes. The structured cable testers are specifically designed for network owners and cable installers. These testers certify high-speed cabling installations in accordance with the industry standards.

The lightweight Megger digital low resistance ohmmeter is used in various applications which require low-resistance measurements. Its clampmeters provide a trustworthy and nonintrusive way of detecting faults without breaking or switching off the circuit. They work on live electrical circuits and are an indispensible tool for the electricians. The multimeters are robust instruments that are designed to operate in adverse working conditions like harsh environments and rough handling.