High Quality DLRO For Rent

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The Megger DLRO or digital low resistance ohmmeter is one of the trusted test equipment used by engineers and electricians to measure devices with very low resistances.  It is used in DC resistance measurements like in cable joints, durability of welded joints and even circuit breaker contacts. 

The DLRO-10 tester is one of the most popular DLROs commonly used. It is popular because of its portability and accuracy in taking readings. It has a well lit LCD screen which makes it convenient in testing devices in dark environments. It features several resistance ranges adjustable by a knob and a built in interference indicator. This is an important feature because any interference present on the device to be tested might give a false reading due to the tester’s sensitivity. This guarantees you that all readings made are precise. For added safety, it has a high voltage input protection in case it accidentally comes in contact with a live wire or a device with residual power. This is a good feature because it prevents you from damaging the main power line or your test equipment.

Protec offers the Megger equipment and other test equipment for rent or for purchase. Contact us today for more information on Megger test equipment.