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High Performance with Doble Testing Relay Sets

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Relays are regularly placed under tough conditions. Tasked with interrupting large currents, the consistent open and close of contacts can initiate arcing that will cause carbonization or welding of the contact. This ultimately leads to corrosion and degradation of the contacts. Catching this situation before damage or failure occurs is the main goal of relay testing.

With routine maintenance, staff can catch damage that could lead to equipment failure or potential injury. The 
relay test set is the main tool used to perform protective relay testing and can be relied upon to prevent faulty operation, eventual failure and the need for costly repairs or replacement.

Doble testing equipment offers exceptional relay testing sets that are easy to operate and offer accurate, reliable results. We offer test equipment rental of these sets via our short or long term rental program for the following models: Doble F2253, F2500 and F2700.

F2253 – As a single phase relay tester, this unit verifies protective scheme responses, reproduces logic and phasor signals while also allowing users to run simulation testing for steady, dynamic and transient states. With one source voltage and a total of 3 current amp modules of 150 VA, the system operates simulations using two signal and logic inputs for triggering test condition changes and 2 logic outputs for circuit breaker, carrier or scheme logic. Timer readings provide event sensing in your choice of milliseconds, seconds or cycles, and all testing is further enhanced using the provided Doble ProTest software for accurate analysis and assessment.

F2500 – The Doble F2500 performs single phase relay testing for evaluation of protective relay systems in the field or lab. Its lightweight and compact design allows for portability, and the provide synch cable allows for the unit to be attached to computer or laptop for download and analysis.

F2700 – This Doble single phase relay model offers improved accuracy and new current ranges. The front panel allows for source operational modes and ranges with single voltage & current, dual independent sources of voltage, dual independent current, single series 600V RMS voltage sourcing or single current 44 amp source in parallel. Popular for industrial testing, this system offers high performance with a total output of up to 300 VAC.

Find out more of each of these relay test sets by requesting a rental quote online or contacting us on our 24 hour customer support line at (866) 352-5550.