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High Capacitance Cable Hipot Testing with the VLF-6022 Very Low Frequency AC Hipot

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Very low frequency hipot is a test that determines the AC withstand ability of the test sample. The test sample either passes the test or simply breaks down. The test uses alternating current with a frequency of 0.1 Hertz. The low frequency allows it to test very long cable installations with high capacitance using less power due to its high reactance.

With less low power requirements of 
VLF hipot, the test equipment can be made smaller and safer. The risk of getting damaged during diagnostics is smaller compare to other hipot tests. If you are looking for a good tool for this test, you might want to check out the High Voltage VLF-6022. It can put out a test voltage of up to 60 kiloVolts. Due to the high reactance of the test voltage to high capacitance, it can test cables of up to 10 miles with no problems. It has a built-in voltmeter, ammeter and a capacitance meter so you can monitor the values during diagnostics.

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