Hidden Defects Discovered with Cable Fault Locator

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Maintaining your electrical cables is a must to ensure continued performance of your electrical equipment. If cables are worn and not in good condition, hidden defects can occur in the system that if not detected early, can turn into a nightmare of costly equipment repairs and possible failure of your systems.

Cable test equipment is your first line of defense in protecting your valuable investment. Constant observation and evaluation of your electrical systems and cabling will help extend the life of your operations and keep repairs at bay. 

Certain tests using a cable fault locator will help find those faults in the system that can cause issues. Time domain reflectometry or TDR helps in determining a fault’s exact distance. AC or DC hipot testing helps discover cable’s safety by evaluating the insulation to determine whether it is in good working condition. 

Maintaining your electrical equipment and systems is easy when you rent your testing and maintenance equipment from Protec. We offer one day rentals as well as short and long term contracts. Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day to offer guidance and advice whenever it is needed and convenient to your schedule. Give our friendly and knowledge staff a call to schedule rental of cable fault locators and other cable test equipment to keep your systems in good repair and working order.