Hastings 6799 Hot Stick Tester Now Available for Rent from Protec

Hastings_6799Test hot sticks wet or dry with the Hastings 6799 Hot Stick Tester.  Featuring a selector switch for wet or dry tests and a dual range scale which gives the operator leakage current values in micro amps, the Hastings 6799 Hot Stick Tester utilizes a 2500 Volt output to indicate leakage current values that would be present if 75KV were applied (wet test) and 100KVAC per foot of hot stick (dry test).

The Hastings 6799 Hot Stick Tester is designed to protect the operator while in use, comes complete with a padded carrying case and directions for proper use, and a testing bar is also provided to ensure the tester is working properly.

The Hastings 6799 Hot Stick Tester is completely portable and lightweight for easy use.

With offices in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and Nevada, Protec offers a full stocks of electrical test and measurement equipment, with rental options that work for you.

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