Grounding Vital to Operational Success

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Proper grounding is vital for protecting your employees and equipment. It guards your entire system from lightning and power surges that without the ground, failure of the equipment is pretty much guaranteed. A ground enables dissipation of system noise away from the electrical structures therefore every company needs to make regular testing part of the schedule of maintenance. 

Important testing equipment needed to ensure perform ground testing is a ground resistance tester like the Megger DET62D ground resistance test kit. This specialized equipment will check the ground system’s performance and make sure that it passes accurately.  Proper grounds also prevent system wide damage or outage should lightning strike. Their value is incalculable in protecting your important company equipment from destruction.

Additionally, it is important to note that without appropriate testing performed on a regular basis, some manufacturers will not honor the electrical equipment’s warranty. Make sure to keep accurate records of all maintenance and testing. That way should the equipment need repair service it will be covered by warranty, and all the documentation will be readily available.

As a business owner, you will appreciate the large selection of electrical test equipment we have available for your projects. Our dependable and reliable service also includes maintaining and servicing each rented unit so we help eliminate the extra costs associated with having to purchase ground, battery or cable test equipment that is used infrequently. Give us a call to learn more about our rental programs for your company’s test equipment needs or submit your online request on our inquiry form.