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Ground Rod and Soil Resistivity Testing with Megger Test Equipment

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Bad grounding systems can cause intermittent problems in an electrical system. Since issues happen intermittently, finding the source of the problem may be difficult. However, with a proper ground tester and regular maintenance, you’ll be able to pinpoint the cause and correct the issue.

The Megger DET4TD Digital Ground Tester offers a complete solution to your soil resistivity and ground rod troubleshooting needs. It comes complete with stakes, test leads and batteries. This tester is rated Ingress Protection 54 which make it a truly field tester. It is easy to use with a large selector that lets you select 2, 3 or 4 pole tests easily even with a gloved hand. 


  •        Large backlit LCD screen with thumb-sized buttons
  •        Aside from ground testing, it can check the condition of the P and C connections
  •        Integrated voltmeter function lets you measure the ground voltage up to 100 Volts
  •        Measures resistance from 0.01 Ω through 2000 Ω
  •        Interference suppression circuit can reject noise up to 40 Volts peak to peak
  •        Powered by 8 AA batteries
  •        CATIV 100 V safety compliant

Protec offers Megger test equipment rental, leasing and sales to cater to your testing needs. Please contact us at 1-866 352 5550 to learn more about our services.