Ground Resistance Measurement Made Quick and Easy with the AEMC 3711 Clamp On Tester

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Electrical grounds are important parts of any electrical facility. These protect the facility from electrical faults and also protects the personnel in case an insulator opens. The electrical ground must have good contact with the Earth to ensure proper operation. A stake is driven to the Earth and the ground lead is connected to it. There are times that the contact efficiency is reduced because of the soil drying up or because the stake was slightly pulled out.

The AEMC 3711 Clamp On Ground Resistance Test Set can help you measure the effectiveness of the ground. Ideally, a ground connection should have a low resistance. But when problems arise, the resistance increases. The AEMC 3711 can measure resistance from 0.01Ω to 1200Ω. This ground resistance tester can conveniently measure resistance without using the common 3-wire method. You just need to clamp the jaw of the tester to the ground line and the measurement is displayed. This simplifies and speeds up ground resistance measurement.

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