Good Transformer Test Equipment Can Save You Time and Labor Expenses on Diagnostics

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A transformer’s efficiency can be affected by the RLC characteristics of its components. Changes in inductance, capacitance or resistance can change its reactance to a certain frequency and affect the delivery of power. It can also insert losses in the transformer, further reducing its efficiency. 

There are several tests you can run to thoroughly assess the condition of your transformers. Winding and insulation resistance, voltage ratio, 
high voltage test, load loss and no load loss are some of the tests conducted. It is important to constantly diagnose transformer problems to save you money on replacements. Detecting transformer issues that are starting can let you recondition it and extend its operating life. 

If still rely on old electrical test equipment, you might want to consider investing in advanced test instruments. This will help you save time and labor expenses on diagnostics. However, if budget is limiting you from upgrading your test equipment, you might want to opt to rent. This service is ideal for facilities that need high-end tools without spending that much.

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