Getting the Best Cable Test Equipment Suitable For Your Needs

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Underground cables can be difficult and expensive to repair. To repair faults, technicians before would dig and explore the installation site. This can be very time-consuming and costs a lot of resources. With the advancement of cable testing technology, you can now spot faults without unearthing the cables. You can spot defects and determine the exact location of the fault using cable fault detectors like TDRs. These tools not only save you money, but also speed up the troubleshooting time.

To help you choose a suitable 
cable fault locator, you can read some of these articles that describe the features of popular fault locators on the market.

Amprobe AT3000 Underground Cable Locator
 explains the features of this locator and its capability to find cables even pipes and gas lines buried underground.

The Megger PFL40A Offers a Complete Cable Fault Locating System is an article that discusses the powerful features of the PFL40A. It has several testing options like thumping, hipot testing and cable fault analysis using its MTDR mode. 

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