Get Your Power Factor Test Equipment from Protec

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When you need to perform important testing on transformers or other types of electrical equipment, the power factor test is one diagnostic method that can supply the information you need to determine insulation integrity and make sure that it is functioning properly.

Having the right equipment to determine whether insulation is allowing for correct capacitive current to flow measurements will help you know whether the particular insulator is in optimal condition, wearing out or needing replacement. We offer a variety of test equipment from various manufacturers so that you will have just the right one to suit your purposes.

If you need high voltage testing, the Doble Test Set M4000 sets an industry standard. It offers a preconfigured laptop with software that helps in diagnosing and interpreting results and is durably constructed for use in tough field conditions. 

Megger test equipment offers not only power factor testing applications, but several models of insulation resistance and ground testing as well. The Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test Set is built for low voltage applications and will accurately diagnose insulation conditions. 

Finding the right testing equipment is easy with Protec Equipment Resources. We offer friendly and knowledgeable staff that offers personalized service to help you in selecting the right product to fit your business needs. Contact us today.