Get the Vanguard UPS-S2 Universal Power Supply from Protec

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Testing electrical components in a substation needs a lot of equipment. Aside from standard test equipment, you should also have other tools like universal power supplies. They can be used when substation batteries are discharged and an isolated power supply for powering other substation equipment is needed.

Universal power supplies are important devices that are used with other testing tools. They are versatile and can be used wherever an isolated power supply is needed. This is ideal for powering substation relays and circuit breakers. One of the most popular power supplies used is the Vanguard UPS-S2 power supply. It has an ouput of voltage of 10 Volts to 240 Volts AC and 10 Volts to 300 Volts DC at 10 Amperes output curent. It is encased in a shock-resistant plastic housing to tolerate rough handling. This power supply is ideal for instances when no alternative source of power is available in a substation.

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